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"Cloudclan isn't scared of showing themselves to the clans. They're staying true to our founder's exile that happened so long ago. So, in other words, Cloudclan is a clan of upheld promises."~Oaksun
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About Me

He's half Shadowclan and half Thunderclan. 

Mentor | Panthertail

Apprentice | Squirrelpaw

Pantherstrike is a dark brown bengal tabby with black stripes, white muzzle. A cream colored belly and chest. His eyes are identical to his father's, a pale foresty green with darker flecks of color in his glittering orbs.

Positive | Loyal, brave, resolute, surprisingly kind, golden hearted, talkative(with cats he trusts), smart.

Neutral | Compassionate, shy, nervous.

Negative | Fearful, masked emotions, fierce, short tempered.

Hopes | To become a loyal mate, a father, a respected cat, a strong warrior.

Fears | Of becoming his mother, being forgotten, being unloved, his past repeating itself.

History | Pantherstrike could've had a happy life. But it all went wrong the moment his mother-Hazelfang-set eyes on Shadowclan tom Panthertail. She soon had him, Hazelshadow hated him with the hate of all the Dark Forest. She hated having had him. She hated him because she blamed him for the death of the rest of the litter. She kept him, joined Shadowclan, but only because she had her eyes set on a new Shadowclan tom. Leaving Pantherkit to be cared for by a very kind queen-who soon died from green cough. His father trained him but Hazelfang had left Panthertail under a foul, moody storm cloud. His father had little patience for him, but because of Panthertail, Pantherstrike became a feared, strong warrior. As an apprentice he left for Thunderclan, he couldn't watch his mother spend time with her new mate. Pantherstrike's father came with him, but died when they lived as rogues for awhile. When Pantherstrike came to Thunderclan, he was accepted. But his heart was tattered and barely holding together his grief for losing the one cat who more or less cared for him. Not loved-but cared. And that was more than anything Pantherstrike had ever felt in his life.

Roleplay Example

The sturdy tabby marked male stretched his legs, muscles rippling. Shaking out his pelt, he looked up. His green eyes swam with darker hues as the sun's rays landed on him. Sitting down, he began to groom his pelt, glancing up once more to study the fresh kill pile. We'll need more prey. Lapping his shoulder fur one last time, the muscular tom stood and streaked over to the apprentice's den. Poking his head in, his eyes scanned for a familiar ginger form. As he began to search, he heard a yowl and felt claws prick his hide. Jerking out of the den entrance, he whipped around. Large paw hitting a narrow face, the apprentice dropped back. Crouching as she lashed her tail, amber eyes narrowed. "Squirrelpaw." The mentor dipped his head in greeting. Barely ruffled by the sudden attack. "Hi Pantherstrike." The apprentice muttered, sitting down. "I can't believe I still can't attack you without you looking like you expected that to happen." The ginger she-cat groaned in frustration. Pantherstrike shrugged, "Like I say, try try again. Anyways, we need to go out and hunt." The tom added, his apprentice shaking her head. "Dawn patrol already went, why do we have to go?" Pantherstrike snarled. "Because, it can be educational and we should be loyal and hunt for our clan!" Squirrelpaw crouched down, ears flat to her head. "Okay, okay. Keep your fur on." She muttered, following Pantherstrike out to the territories. As they winded through the forest, Pantherstrike's ears twitched, nose to the air he took in a deep breath. "Vole." He hissed, signaling for Squirrelpaw to be quiet. Crouching, his muscles rippling, he stalked forward. Silent as a shadow and deadly as death itself. Bunching his hind legs, he lunged, landing on a vole. Ending it with a swift bite, looking up through the canopy of trees, he thanked Starclan for the prey they had given him to feed his clan. After a few more minutes of hunting, Squirrelpaw and Pantherstrike headed for camp. Laying down six pieces of prey. "Good job Squirrelpaw, go take something to the elders than eat and rest." The Bengal trotted off, laying in the sun. Not dozing off, but observing his clanmates. I won't let anything happen to you. You'll are my clanmates and you'll will not die if I can help it.

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Reply tuttler
7:47 PM on September 22, 2016 
of course dear !! new year, new you !! c;
Reply mahoganystar
5:30 PM on August 10, 2016 
can you remove the name star?
only leaders can have it
Reply tuttler
3:24 PM on May 6, 2016 
your ok I got it
Reply cave
7:58 PM on May 2, 2016 
Reply mahoganystar
11:04 AM on April 26, 2016 
whoa luna had kits :o
Reply Silhouette
6:53 AM on April 26, 2016 
be active your leader
Reply mahoganystar
9:27 AM on March 5, 2016 
Congrats on ship of the month !
Reply Ashpaw
11:13 AM on February 3, 2016 
Hi, are you Esther Marie? It's Carn
Reply Daisystar [Fallen]
7:14 AM on November 13, 2015 
No problem Dearie
Reply Daisystar [Fallen]
9:02 PM on November 10, 2015 
Hello and welcome to Quinn!

Quinn is a friendly role-playing environment for all types of role-players. I am glad you choose to join us today in Quinn!

I am Fallen, Quinn's Graphic Designer/Co-owner. If you ave any questions, please feel free to send any admins or mods a pm! I am looking forwards to rping with you!

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