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B r a v e s p i r i t

Name: Bravespirit {formerly, Bravekit, Bravepaw}

Clan: ThunderClan

Age: 18 Moons

Gender: Tom

Rank: Medicine Cat {formerly, Kit, Apprentice, Medicine Cat Apprentice}

Mentor: None {formerly, Sweetmint}

Apprentice: Mudwhisker

Current Injury/Sickness: None

Description: His long fur frames his rather small stature, which he's thankful for. Without his fluffy pelt, he knows he wouldn't look any bigger than an apprentice. He has medium brown fur with a few darker brown tabby stripes, and he has olive-green eyes. His eyes have a white ring around each of them. His tabby stripes are unusually placed, one area being on top of his head and the rest on his front legs. A large splotch of darker brown is on his back, instead of stripes. On his muzzle, there's a large splash of white, which trails down over his chest and his underbelly where it gives way to light brown, fading out on his tail. The only other bit of white on him in his front paws.

Personality: At a glance, he would be considered quiet and shy, preferring to keep to himself, which is true to some degree. Despite what his name may imply about him, he actually isn't very brave. Bravespirit is tentative until he gets to know a cat. When he's comfortable, he will be more talkative and won't mind sharing his thoughts. He likes to study the world around him and loves to learn from his clanmates whenever he can, wishing to maintain the health of the clan overall. He likes to think of himself as charismatic, when in fact he's clumsy and definitely not a daredevil. If he perceives something to be dangerous at all, Bravespirit will do what it takes to stay away from it.

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