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The Forest is Ours....
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Very large tabby she-cat with a white chest and pale blue/grey eyes. Her fur is a pale brown and her stripes are almost black. Her ears are tufted, and she is a long haired cat.

Blunt but honest, she may come off as rough around the edges. She doesn't like having to depend on other cats, and would rather get things done on her own because she knows she can in fact depend on herself. Can be bitter, but is incredibly devoted to those close to her.


Parents: ? // Mentor: Ivystream

Crush: None // Mate: None

Breed: Maine Coon

Fun fact: Northfur was my first/original warrior cat character ever, hence my name.


Lithe bengal tom with bright teal eyes. His coat is a dark gold, almost russet in some light. His markings are a mix of swirling stripes and spots and are dark brown in color. He is very thin with a long tail, and his legs are powerful, his coat is very thin, and he hates water.

Charming and placid natured, he's a very optimistic tom. His bumbles with words on occasion, and sometimes forgets to think before he speaks. However, he has little to no temper, and only wants the best for those he cares about.


Parents: ? // Mentor: None

Crush: Battlecry // Mate: Battlecry

Breed: Bengal

Fun fact: Otterstar was born into the Army, though he had a distaste for how military like they were and left as a young cat.


Grumpy and stout, but very loyal to his clan and the warrior code.


Parents: ? // Mentor: Brackentalon

Crush: None // Mate: None

Breed: Somali

Fun fact: He is Hummingbirdsong's brother.


Gorgeous, long legged savannah cat. Pale gold coat with darker markings,vivid emerald eyes.

Very placid she-cat, does not believe in violence though she can fight if need be. She can be very spiritual, and says there is a reason for everything. Speaks in a very airy way.


Parents: ? // Mentor: ?

Crush: None // Mate: None

Breed: Savannah

Fun fact: Believes in Starclan despite living as a loner her whole life. Calls them the "cats in the sky", and claims they told her to go to the clans.


Delicate, lilac she-cat with a very fluffy tail and very large ears. Her eyes are a vivid copper, and her belly fades into a pale grey.

Happy and calm cat, tries to understand all sides of an argument, including between clans. Wants to be the Windclan medicine cat, but doesn't believe she has anough skill to do so.


Parents: ? // Mentor: Minkpelt

Crush: Settingmoon // Mate: None

Breed: Somali

Fun fact: HAs always wanted to be a medicine cat, but opted out due to her flighty personality and fear of messing up.

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Reply Sonic
5:16 PM on June 28, 2015 
Your characters, Hornetsting and Ottercloud have been added to the WindClan and RiverClan lists.
Reply Saccaru
4:59 PM on June 19, 2015 
Welcome to Quinn!
Reply Sonic
12:57 PM on June 19, 2015 
Welcome to Quinn!